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Mumamoo Coffee

Bing Guo Guo

Bing Guo Guo


Light Roast

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This coffee bean has bright acidity at high temperatures, and you can taste lactic acid and blackcurrant-like berry notes.
At low temperatures, you can drink richer caramel and cocoa flavors. Vibrant taste also bring you a nice body texture.
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Ethiopia / Kenya / Colombia
Coffee process:
Tasting Notes:
Blueberry / Raspberry / Plum / Soft taste

Green Beans

We truly believe that premium coffee cherry
bring better taste 

Coffee Farm

We have very close connection with original
coffee farm
Picked all ripe coffee cherry to keep our
coffee good quality


We use IMF coffee roaster made in Italy 
By the auto profile to keep coffee taste consistent 
Use hot air by convection
From the surface to the inner of coffee roasted more even
Every batch coffee got bright, clean taste