Our Story

MUMAMOO was born on November 2022,
he is alittle stubborn moo,
he loves dance and music,
but he hates math and numbers,
once he occasionally meet coffee,
he realized ,WOW, this is the thing he reallyinto it!

MUMAMOO COFFEE own a specialty coffee factory, we have really close relationship with the coffee farm in Yunnan China.
Every year, we visit coffee farmers, work together, eat together, share story together, we hope share good coffee to  this beautiful world.

Our Founder Jin,he is a barista, also a coffee content maker, (coffee tutorial, coffee tour, coffee unboxing videos) on social media, he got over 500k subscribers on social platform for total.
He visited over 1000 cafes since he started his coffee social media channel. He really appreciate the coffee people working hardly, connect coffee community, make coffee industry getting better and better.