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Mumamoo Coffee

Drip bag gift box

Drip bag gift box


Medium Dark Roast



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Balanced QiNiuHai

Medium Roast 

Rich aroma, refresh texture

Sweetness and acidity balanced

Aftertaste got bit wine smell 


Classic LiuNiuYou

Dark Roast

Classic flavor low acidity high bitterness 

Black chocolate ,roasted nuts taste

Classic favor for common customer 

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Filling Nitrogen Keep Flavor

Every single drip bag got nitrogen inside

The Oxygen in the bag is below 0.5%

Nitrogen could keep coffee grounds fresh

This technique could extend coffee best taste range

We have tested best flavor range could last 6 month

Reused Box

This package box can be reused 

We use Dutch white cardboard

Box texture is soft,

23x33cm size can keep

30-40 A4 size paper